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Eagles Basketball

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Soar with the Eagles

Quakerdaleā€™s post-graduate basketball program opens doors of opportunity to young men who have a strong desire to develop academically, spiritually and athletically.

The program helps student athletes:
  • Increase academic readiness for college
  • Grow in Christian character
  • Further basketball skills
  • Plan their next step
Promise Academy Academics

Student athletes receive a quality private education, live and learn at the New ProvidenceĀ campus and participate in an NCAA approved curriculum.

A Christian Focus

The program helps student athletes develop and deepen their individual faith by attending church on Sundays and participating in weekly devotions.

Preparing Promise Academy Student Athletes for the Future

IMG_8475Quakerdale Promise Academy staff support and encourage student athletes every step of the way. Quakerdale works with both the higher education institution and student athlete to find a good fit.

What’s My Next Step

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