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Christ-centered learning

Quakerdale has had over a century of long standing Christian tradition providing opportunities for students to grow in their Christian faith and develop a biblical worldview.   The Promise Academy goal is to glorify God by partnering with parents and the community to train future generations through Christ-centered education and experience.

Affordable private education

Private education has great benefits, but can prove to be very costly.  The Promise Academy strives to be affordable and scholarships are available for those in need.

Online and Mentored classroom setting

The future classroom is here at the Promise Academy as students complete their curriculum online in a setting facilitated by a degreed mentor. Online classes are being offered in colleges around the world and the Promise Academy is providing the online classroom for 5th-12th grade students.  More opportunities to learn await each student as they work through their coursework and the mentor will provide academic support and encouragement making for an intimate and personalized setting.

Accelerated learning opportunities and small class sizes

No more being held back! It’s go time!   With a media-rich online curriculum, students will be able to work at their desired pace allowing for accelerated learning.  Students who want more of a challenge will be able to be move faster and those who need more time with certain subjects will be able to focus on them. Coupled with small classroom size, this model will never sacrifice the breadth of learning and will be able to align with the level of academic rigor selected by the student.

Real life learning opportunities

Because there are things that are learned better with a hands-on approach and understanding that online material can only teach so much, Promise Academy students will explore the world around them through real-life learning opportunities. These will consist of many different hands-on learning  projects and activities that get them out of the classroom and into real-life scenarios.  Students may also be involved in  internships, do service projects and go on mission trips.

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  1. Are you currently accepting girls?

    • We are starting a new Girls Dorm at the Promise Academy in August of 2018. We are accepting applications now and you will but put on a waiting list which is on a first come first basis for consideration.

      Thank you for considering our program and we look forward to hearing from you!

      Jason Kinney
      Promise Academy School Director

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